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A pin-back button is a button that temporarily can be fixed firmly to the surface of a raiment using a safety pin, or a wire pin, a clutch or any other mechanism. The fastening mechanism is attached to the back side of the button-shaped metal disk that can either be flat or concave, leaving an area at the front of the button to carry the printed message. The pin behind the button is used to fasten the button to the garment so that the message may be visible from the front.

The most popular and multipurpose button size button is the 2-1/4". Most people use the happy medium that is either not too big or too small. The 3" button is better for purposes such as the photo buttons, trade shows, business promotions among others.


To create a design on your custom buttons, use a cut line to cut the designs from the printed page that you are using. The second circle that is known as the bleed that is on the printed page that ensures that your background color goes all the way over the edge of your button thus, saving your money on ink. The third circle is known as the image area that provides a visual boundary similar to the margin on a printed page. The margin on a page and image area on a button keep the type from being too close to the edges so that the readability is improved.


Apart from the readability of the button, another practical reason for not putting your text or design elements too close to the edge of the button is not to tamper with the designs when cutting. If you include adequate space from the edge of the button, you then are far less likely to notice that the cut was cut off-center. Thereafter, insert your text or artwork that you want to use, making certain it doesn't extend outside of the image area circle. If it does, the design will likely be tightly fixed on the face of the button. Once your text or artwork has been centered within the image area of the circle, make sure you delete the image area circle or else it will be part of your design and show on the face of your buttons.


 If you are planning on making custom buttons as a full, or part-time business, you really should consider investing in a 3" button machine to make most of the profits. Get cheap buttons that are quality pinback-buttons as well as a specialized producers of custom pin-back buttons from the Wacky buttons producers. For more information, one can do web searches from a variety of online platforms to get started. Have your pin-back button customized the way you would love most.